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Pollution and Environmental Insurance is becoming a necessity for Businesses that are involved with Landscaping, Manufacturing, and Construction just to name a few.  Protection from lawsuits and the cost associated with environmental clean-up can save your business if you experience a loss.  THe EPA takes environmental clean-up very seriously and it can sometimes be very costly to comply with it’s rules and regulations.


Applying for Environmental Insurance and Pollution Insurance is not difficult if you have an Agent that has experience. and will secure the correct coverage for you.  At Downey Insurance Group we can determine which Environmental Insurance Policy fits your need based on your exposure.  Such as: Enviromental Insurance, Environmental Consulting Liability,  Environmental Contractors Pollution Liability, Site-Specific Pollution Liability, Underground Storage Tank Liability, Mold, Lead, and  Asbestos Remediation Liability. 


With access to many markets  such as Environmental Insurance Agency, Inc. we look forward to helping you with your Environmental or Pollution Insurance as part of you comprehensive business insurance program.

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