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When there is a Multi-Impact Weather event – Turn to your states Emergency Management agency

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MEMA: Multi-Impact Rain/Flooding/Icing Event Friday/Saturday The NWS has forecasted a multi-impact rain event Friday into Saturday. Heavy rain is expected to overspread the region Friday afternoon and evening and continuing into Saturday morning. Storm total rainfall amounts of 2 to 3 inches, and up to 4” in some areas are forecast over the entire region. … More

Wishing you a SAFE & JOYOUS Holiday Season!

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There’s no better time of year, than the holiday season, to thank you for being part of The Downey Family of Companies! We wish for you not only a joyous holiday season, but a safe one as we enter into 2018! Many people travel during the holidays by car. Be sure that you practice safety and … More

Have a Wicked Safe Halloween!

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Have a Wicked Safe HALLOWEEN! Drivers be CAUTIOUS! Drive Slow! Stay Alert! More kids are injured from crossing streets on Halloween night more than any other night of the year! Be Safe! Be Observant! Be Vigilant! Slow down, and avoid neighborhood shortcuts through residential streets where trick-or-treaters may be.

Autonomous and Instant Everything

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Ours is to help The United States Consumer adopt and adapt to the Huge changes in Insurance Purchasing and consulting with your agent on that Purchase. They are coming our Way…SOON! So Let’s help retool for the future. Consumers will demand some instant Live chat, online Video, and even online purchase and confirmation thereof; all … More

Hover Boards and Your Homeowners Insurance Policy

Hover Boards! for Christmas & your Homeowners Insurance Policy.. says.. Recreational self-propelled vehicles are NOT covered under your contents coverage under your Homeowners Policy.! “Self-propelled vehicles are ONLY covered if they are: not subject to registration, used to service the premises, or designed to assist the handicapped.” Liability restrictions say. “if OFF the “residence premises,” … More

Get Involved With the Movember Movement

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Movember offers plenty of great ways for people to get involved in supporting men’s health on a global scale. Guys can grow a mustache in order to raise awareness on some of the most important health issues for males. The mustache is a traditional symbol of masculinity, so it is easy to notice at school … More

Stay Safe on Campus

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You need to be responsible and prepared to be as safe as possible while on campus. You need to be ready for anything since campuses are large places sometimes filled with thousands of people. Here are some ways to stay safe on campus. Stay Away From Isolated Areas Start by staying away from isolated areas … More

The Three Pronged Test – Independent Contractor Determination

Category: Blog   Have you wondered  if you have to pick up Liability or not on an independent contractor? Say you hire a roofer, where are they covered? do you cover them?   How about the guys that they may use as subcontractors?  Does everyone need all those insurance policies down the line?  The State of Massachusetts … More

Practicing Baby Safety with These Tips

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September is National Baby Safety Month. The primary activities of babies and toddlers are centered around eating, sleeping, playing and traveling. These are the main areas where you can concentrate your safety concerns. You should always supervise your baby when it is eating. Be sure that you feed your child food that is appropriate for … More

How To Exercise With Your Child

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Exercise With Your Child Week is celebrated during the first week of August. There are many ways that parents can benefit from exercising with their children. Not only does it help people get in shape and reduce the risk of health problems, but it also allows parents to bond with their children. Below is a … More

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