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First, a belated ‘job well done’ compliment to Judy.

In July, I bought another Jeep. As is the norm, the paperwork is a bit of a pain when buying out of state, and even worse when the salesman doesn’t have a clue as to what to do. he insisted he had it all covered.  he did nothing, and things got messed up. But thanks to Judy at your office dealing with him and the dealership over the phone, everything got all ironed out quickly. Then, when I  went to the registry they told me one form that the dealership had given me had the incorrect info on it. I needed it corrected and completed with the insurance company seal. I called Judy, she took care of it right then, and emailed it to me so I could print it out right there at the registry. Bottom line, Judy went above and beyond for me and it was greatly appreciated. Tim Arruda 9-16

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